Helping Children Through Divorce

Helping Children Through Divorce

  • Cases You Should Take Under Juvenile Law

    Family law is an essential section of the legal field. It covers family and personal matters, helping to safeguard families because they are the essence of all societies. Broken families often transcend into societies that struggle with several things, including high rates of crime and poverty. Gladly, family law can help streamline your community by having the interests of families at heart. It does this through various sub-sections of family law.

  • How To Protect Your Child When Getting Divorced

    Getting divorced is difficult for everyone involved, and it's natural to worry about how it will affect your child. However, by following the tips below, you can protect your child from as much emotional distress as possible. Explain Things In A Kid-Friendly Way Explaining your divorce to children can be difficult, especially if they are young. Today's Parent explains that you should focus on the practicalities with very young kids and should expect to have several shorter conversations.

  • 3 Considerations to Settle a Divorce Without Going to Court

    A divorce is hard on every party involved and it gets even more complicated when kids are part of the equation. As much as you hate your ex (or perhaps you'll have an amicable agreement), you'll want to find a way to settle the divorce without actually having to go to court because that can be expensive, emotionally draining, and time-consuming. Here are some considerations to help you settle without the need to go to court:

  • Divorcing a Partner Due to Substance Abuse: Issues to Consider

    Getting divorced is tricky at the best of times, but things are even more complicated when one partner is dealing with a substance abuse issue. You might wonder how your partner's problem will affect issues like child custody, division of assets and more, and finding answers can be hard. Getting informed before divorce proceedings begin will help you to make the right decisions and achieve the best possible outcome. Keep reading for an explanation of the key issues that tend to arise when divorcing a partner due to substance abuse.

  • 3 Interesting Facts About Contract Enforceability

    A contract is any legally-binding agreement made by two or more parties. What you don't know is that you get into more contracts than you think, sometimes without even knowing it! The most common myth in contract law is that a contract has to be written and signed for you it to be enforceable for or against you. In truth, very few contracts must be in writing to be legal, and even then, some don't have to be in signed hard copies to be enforceable.

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    Helping Children Through Divorce

    Divorce is never an easy time for an adult, but it is doubly confusing to a child. Unfortunately, my marriage did not last forever, but I am turning that negative into a positive for others. I want to fill my blog with uplifting tips to help children through this difficult change in their lives. I will include topics such as custodial visits, getting along with both parents, and learning how to live in two households. Divorce does not have to be a negative, scary issue for your children. Teach them how to embrace this change and get on with their lives without fear or anxiety.